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Sub-IconECF is now NSF Registered!

NSF Registered

ECF™ is now NSF Registered. Please see the following...

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JET-LUBE — A World Leader in Anti-Seize Compounds, Thread Sealants and Specialty Lubricants and Greases.


MP 50

At Jet-Lube our primary concern is our customers’ needs. Everything from raw materials to packaging are chosen to ensure the highest quality of product, and our people are trained and supported to provide the best in customer service. Our goal is to uphold and continually improve the high standards in innovation, manufacturing and product and service satisfaction we have maintained for over 65 years.

Jet-Lube is constantly working to research and develop new products and improve the quality and performance of our existing line. Coupled with the shared information and expertise from our worldwide locations in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., we take great pride in being able to provide our distributors and end-users with the very best in lubrication technology.


Eco-Certified – A Leader For Our Environment

Since the late 1980s, Jet-Lube has led the way in the development of environmentally-acceptable lubricants, sealants and related specialty products. After years of reformulation and testing, Jet-Lube now offers industries around the world a complete line of environmentally acceptable products that exceed industry standards and meet Jet-Lube's own high-performance criteria. Go here for a complete listing of our Eco-Certified products!


DeaconDeacon at Jet-Lube


Our extensive product lines are formulated to meet the needs of a diverse range of industries, from iron and steel producers; pulp and paper manufactures, power generators and oil refineries to wastewater treatment plants and petro chemical producers. At Jet-Lube - Deacon, we are committed to developing sealants and packings that are easy-to-use, creating innovative solutions for your toughest leak-sealing application. Every Jet-Lube - Deacon product is the result of years of expereince in producing sealants and packings for repairing leaking flanges, threads, gaskets, valves and pumps. Our products can be used in routine maintenance applications or injected in on-line situations when the systems are in full operation and under pressure.

At Jet-Lube - Deacon, we take great pride on knowing that our products are solving leak-sealing problems over the world.



Design Water TechnologiesCheck out the new Range of products from Design Water Technologies


Design Water's goal is to provide safe, innovative products that solve real problems to the Groundwater Industry. We are the only company that designs, manufactures, markets,and provides technical service for our own products.


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